Life-changing CV hacks that can get you that interview

So you may be highly regarded in your industry and have a track record for achievements throughout your life but, for some reason you have spelling mistakes and irrelevant information on your Resume. Your resume is your one and ONLY chance at getting your foot through the door and a recruiter only needs a mere 60 seconds to discard or consider your CV.

Here are some stats and facts from Ayers research that can help you get your Resume in order.

  • An employer / Recruiter will spend roughly 3.14 minutes looking at your resume however after 1 minute they will have made a decision.
  • 1 in 5 Recruiters will reject a CV before they have even reached the end.
  • 1 in 10 job applicants will exaggerate the length of time they spent at their previous employer. (Tsk tsk)
  • 1 in 3 job seekers have applied to 5 jobs without getting any feedback. (Really?)

TOP reasons why your Resume was thrown out:

  • Spelling and grammar errors. (Uh…Spell check?)
  • Using cliché’s.(Guess what, everyone is a great team player who can work under pressure. Everyone is also hardworking, dedicated and proactive.)
  • Unprofessional email address. is not appropriate. Nor is
  • A very loooooong resume. No one has 1 hour to read your profile.
  • Borders and flashy backgrounds. Unless you are looking for a job in graphic design and the like it may be best to keep it clean and simple.

What you can do right:

  • Check your spelling, like 50 times. (No really, it’s the most important piece of paper your will need in your career. Spend time on it and involve a buddy to help.)
  • Keep it professional. No need for a photo and fancy purple cursive text.
  • Content is king so make sure its relevant and tailored to where you are sending it. If the job requires development of ERP systems, make sure you mention your experience around this.
  • How do they get a hold of you if your contact deets are not up to date? Keep it up to date.
  • Sell yourself. Saved the business a trillion bucks or got invited into a prestigious membership for outstanding achievement? Say it and explain how you did it if applicable.

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