Cringe-worthy communication mistakes you need to overcome.

Whether you are at work or in a social situation there are always people you have to interact with. Do you like to talk about that very attractive person you met at the bar, (on a Wednesday night) in front of a customer or future employer? Or maybe you are the person who gets too shy in an interview or you have to ask people to repeat themselves several times (And no, it’s not because they can’t speak clearly)? Then, 5 minutes to read these fail-proof, iron-clad tips should get you onto the path of success:

  1. Don’t just sit there! Get involved in the conversation, say something and be relatable to the topic. Show an interest in the people around you and they will show an interest in you!
  2. Listen, Listen, Listen. They say we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Listen twice as much as you speak and make sure you actually listen and process what is being said. If you do this right you will be able to participate appropriately in the conversation.
  3. Adaption is a great tool for your kit. Everybody is different in their opinions, views, learning styles, etc. and this is no different to how they communicate. One person may prefer a style that creates a visual whereas another may prefer a real life situation to understand what you are saying. Learn who responds to what, especially if you are a manager.
  4. It’s rude not to pay attention. Put the phone away, close the laptop or walk away from your computer. Simple.
  5. How about some Hahahaha! Things are little tense maybe and some humor can go a long way. Not terribly good at telling jokes? Don’t, worry that alone will make people ease up a bit. Just don’t be too offensive.
  6. Timely responses are important. Return that call and answer that question as soon as you can. It’s just polite and you would want the same, no?
  7. Simplify the complicated. Trying to describe a very complex concept? Why not use an analogie or similar situation as an example to help get what you are saying across. You can even draw a picture if you really want.
  8. Use repeat to your advantage. Repeat your key points whether you are in a meeting or organizing a weekend away. This keeps it front of mind and it’s never hurts to reiterate things to keep everyone on track.
  9. Taking notes could be your lifesaver. Customer has a long list of ad hoc requirements? Sister want’s to clarify want she want’s at her baby shower? Write it down and refer back to it if you need to. Better yet, record it on your phone!
  10. It never hurts to just ask the question. You know the saying, come on… I know you do (Liar). Assumptions are the mother of all fu…um, fudges. Don’t assume anything and if you need clarity on something, ask.

So if the above doesn’t help you then…. well, I don’t what will.

For a little more info around these points, click here – Here

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