The Biggest Mistakes People Make During Interviews

Looking for a new job in 2016? Well there is a new survey that shows an employer can form an opinion of you within the first 5 minutes of having met you. In this case it isn’t really based on what you say (as 5 minutes is very little time to discuss your life story) but more on your body language.

Even so, there are many ways one can ruin their chances during the actual interview by saying or doing something rude. The survey asked mainly HR Practitioners, mostly coming from the private sector, what they saw as the easiest way for job seekers to start digging their graves.

Some of the more obvious reasons are white lies, wearing the wrong thing, texting during an interview, arrogance and swearing. The more subtle reasons, around body language, included things like playing with your hair, a weak (or too strong) handshake to bad posture and fidgeting.

Then, let’s not forget some of the more outrageous things these interviewers have had to deal with. In one instance a candidate for some peculiar reason decided it was a good idea to start screaming that the interview was taking too long. Another decided to sing her answers to the interviewers questions and then, there was a candidate who decided to bring their pet bird to the interview, and kept it in their jacket. (Who does that?)

So there are a few things to keep in mind when you go for an interview but what else can you do to prepare?

Prepare to be asked the most common interview questions:

  • What is your biggest weakness and strength?
  • Tell me more about yourself?
  • Why are you interested in this job?
  • Why did you leave your last employer?
  • Talk us through a difficult work situation and how you dealt with it?

You should have these answers rehearsed by now and remember to keep things positive and relevant. Don’t bad mouth your previous employee or colleagues and make sure to do your homework on the company, before the interview.

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