How a Hover-Board Company became super successful using Social Media!

So you have this great business idea and may want to start your own thing in the new year. You know it wont be easy and maybe you don’t have much cash to get things going but, that does not mean it’s not possible. In fact a company called Uwheels managed to build their brand and generate a massive amount of sales all through free advertising and social influences on platforms like twitter, Instagram and more.

This marketing strategy is still being used today and Uwheels has managed to generate¬†$1.2 million in sales in their first month of operation. So how did they do it and how are they able to be the “go to” hover board company when there is so much competition in the market today?

Well luckily Jonathan Long helps us out, by giving us some insights as to how they continue to be so successful, without spending a dime on traditional advertising avenues!

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Image credit: Uwheels | Official Website


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