Busy is not the same as Productive

I’m Busy, you’re busy, we are all busy all the time! There seems to be an awful lot of busy going around but I think the real question is are you being effective? How much of the things do you do everyday that are not important and taking away your precious time? Add to that habits that have formed such as multitasking and distractions that take you off course?

There has been a lot of research done on busyness and productivity and here is one quote from Travis Bradberry that I feel adequately describes the endemic we all suffer from:

“The researchers also found that we use busyness to hide from our laziness and fear of failure. We burn valuable time doing things that aren’t necessary or important because this busyness makes us feel productive. For instance, responding to non-urgent e-mails when you know you have a big project that you need to finish. It’s tough, but you need to recognize when you’re using trivial activities to shield yourself from sloth or fear.”

Being Busy and being productive are not the same thing, in fact being busy probably means you are doing things that are wasting your time or things you could be delegating elsewhere.

So if you think you are more busy than anything else try this little tip I have started implementing for myself. I recently started a new tactic where I take just 5 to 10 minutes first thing in the morning to write down the 3 most important things I need to get done and then a list for “other” items. I make it a priority to complete the 3 main items first before I move onto the “other” list, which helps me ensure that first thing in the day, my major tasks are done and dusted. Not only do I feel better because I have completed the critical items but I am also less stressed out as I know they are out of the way!

For more tips and information on studies that have been conducted, you can click here to view original web page at www.linkedin.com


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