Make some extra money with Social Media!

Social Media is a pretty big thing these days. Almost everyone is using it for their personal needs and business use it as a great platform to engage their customers. Social Media has turned into a great advertising platform and people have figured out how it can generate revenue in many different ways.

With millions and even billions of people using social media sites everyday, it has become a viable option to make money from. So how can you make a little bit of money from your social media platforms?

  1. If you are a personal trainer then you may have hit the jackpot! Post images of progress, meal ideas and even short clips on workout routines to drive your business to success!
  2. Try the Amazon Affiliate program. Rather than just selling something try promoting a product you actually like. Give a review on it and become helpful to your audience, rather than just a in your face sales person.
  3. Promote your skills. Are you great at baking? Maybe you are pretty good at graphic design? Whatever it may be you can use social media to showcase these skills. Show people what you can do for them and those interested will become paying clients.
  4. Run other people’s social media accounts. Because it takes time and consistency, not all people or businesses can run their own profile effectively. Why not offer the service to run it for them? Places like Elance and Fiverr can be a great way to get the word out!
  5. If you have a website / blog promote it on social media. It’s your free advertising platform to drive traffic to your website that’s monetized.
  6. Create a YouTube account and monetize your content. If your content is of good quality and you are making it accessible, you can make a living on YouTube.

None of these are get rich quick schemes and all require a bit of time, effort and dedication. But if you do hate your job and enjoy the world of online, then maybe one of these is an option for you?

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