How to be healthy at work

We have all heard and seen the news on how sitting for long periods of time is killing us. Yes, we are all very busy and have so much work to do but whats the point if your health is in bad shape? Your quality of life will not be as satisfying due to bad health and you will most likely suffer bad complications as you get older.

So when you have a desk job, what can you do to be a little healthier?

  1. Get regular, good sleep every day
  2. Stand up and stretch every now and then – trust me your work can wait 5/10 minutes
  3. Pack a healthy lunch and ditch the takeaway
  4. Leave healthy snacks at the office for when you get the nibbles
  5. Keep an eye out on your afternoon slumps and what you do about them – they can be easy to manage

If you want more information on how to effectively incorporate the above points into your work life, then head on over to for more tips on being healthier!

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