27 surprising things that impact your interview

So you are ready for the interview and prepared to tackle anything that comes your way. You are dressed in the best clothes you  own, have prepped and rehearsed for any question that may be thrown in your direction and arrive 10 minutes early. Great! You are off to great start and are set to impress your interviewer! What else could possibly go wrong?

Well, apparently there are quite a few things that can negatively impact how your interview goes. In fact, they have found 27 other factors that may affect the way you are perceived, such as they way you smile, to the type of weather on the day.Some of these you can control and others are simply out of your hands, but thanks to Business insider you can read about and learn all 27 factors. These should help you optimise your behaviour for the best results!

Photo Credit –  Fresh Naukri


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