Whoops! – Interview blunders and how to bounce back

Your’e sitting in an interview and suddenly you let a swear word slip out or your phone starts ringing loudly because you forgot to switch it off. Whoops! You realise its not a great start to convincing this new potential Employer that they should hire you and you are not sure what you can do to rectify these blunders.

 Just remember we are all human, we make mistakes and although your interviewees seems like robots from the terminator, they are not.


So what are the most common blunders?

  • You bad mouth your previous Employer (by accident of course)
  • You forget a word for something you use often in your line of work
  • You accidentally say a swear word
  • A question throws you off your game
  • Your phone makes a noise
  • You face an awkward silence
  • Your wardrobe decides not to co-operate with you

Here’s a few tips on what you can do when facing these common blunders in an interview.


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