Recognition for employees – its importance and how it can save your business

TINYPulse conducted a study in 2104 to understand employee recognition in the workplace and its impact on business. They found that a whopping 79% of employees did not feel strongly valued for the work that they do. Recognition has been found to affect employee happiness and we know how important it is for employees to feel happy. We know that having happy employees means we have happy customers which most likely means a successful business.

So why does the work employees produce and sacrifice time for, go unnoticed? Why is not deemed important to appreciate the people that make the organisation as successful as it is?

Luckily with survey conducted by TINYPulse we can start to understand the affects a lack of recognition can have within the workplace.

To summarise the findings:

  • It was found that employees are more likely to stick around for a job when an organisation values their works and gives them recognition.
  • Employees perception of the work environment is largely affected by the praise they receive. Praise can create a positive perception on the environment for the employee.
  • Appreciation for peers means employees are more likely to feel valued and score their colleagues higher.
  • Employees want to work with a Manager / Supervisor that values their hard work.

Who wouldn’t want all of these things in the workplace?

To find out more on the relationship between recognition and retention, recognition and the team spirit, peer influence and more in the workplace, then head on over to TINYPusle’s site.

What else is important to you? Comment below!

Recognition for employees and why it is so important!


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