What a Recruiter or Employer is looking for in your Resume

You are looking for a new job and have sent your CV to many Recruiters who have jobs you are interested in, but no one seems to be calling you back? Could it be that you are just not qualified for the job even though you have the outlined skills and experience? Maybe its because you didn’t add that one specific project you worked on, or it’s that one thing you may have said in your resume that was a red flag for the recruiter? How do you even begin to identify what could be missing for your profile, that would attract more recruiters to you?

That is a very difficult question answer which there will never be a definitive answer for. Each individual is so unique in the way they see the world around them, that even if you do everything right according many experts, you may still not get the response you are looking for.

Knowing that, don’t lose hope just yet! We may not be able to appeal to every recruiter out there but it may be a good starting point to know what they look for. What do they want to see and what information do they use to qualify you for the role? Well, here is an inside look from a recruiter to help you better refine your profile and land that new job!


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