How to use a # to your advantage (INFOGRAPHIC)

You have probably seen it on most social media platforms and have most likely heard people saying it loud, likeĀ #just saying. I’m talking about the simple hashtag.

Today a hashtag is not just a hashtag. It has meaning and purpose. It has become a critical tool to connect to an audience across multiple platforms and helps ensure your message reaches the right people, not just any people. It can help an individual or business connect and engage with its customers and build an image for their brand.

Huffington Post and American Express OPEN conducted an in-depth study to harness the Hashtag to your advantage.


  • Use hashtags with the keywords that are the most relevant to your point.
  • If your account is private your Hashtags will not appear in searches.
  • Its suggested that you use only two hashtags per update.
  • Use hashtags that are simple, clear and easy to remember.

Social Media For Small Businesses: How To Harness The Hashtag (INFOGRAPHIC)


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